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Friday, November 28, 2008


hi all, tgif! how was your turkey day? well, mine started out bad but my dh(my hero) woke up and rescued me from the inside of the frozen turkey.lol!...it was all defrosted on the outside except the giblets and the neck were still frozen in the inside- ughh! and after a 1/2 hr fight with cold-watering the turkey to melt the ice...we finally got that bad boy 17 lb. turkey in the oven! then 5 hrs.later he ended up being quite tastey ! thank goodness!!so did you catch any good sales today?...leave a comment and tell me what you got cheap and where....cause cheap is my middle name! lol!(not really...lol! )---forgive me for having the silly's lately! i just got a few things at kohls 50% off and with a 15% off coupon--so i did good...but i have more to go!.. anyway, i just stopped by to share some lo's i made this week with ya's.have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!oh and spread the word i have a giveaway i will be posting next week. see ya soon! jen t .


Jocelyn said...

So glad that Hubby saved the Turkey! I haven't received your package, when did you mail it! With all the holiday stuff, I just want to keep track of what is expected in the mail! I didn't get any sales, I stayed in yesterday and will finish the decorating this weekend! I love when they have a sale and then you have a coupon. Man times of tough out there! Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

LOL about the turkey, i will call you when Michael wakes up :)
Loving the way the Storytellers papers look on the layouts, even cooler than i remember them when you made them, lol ..... The juicy smile one is perfect on that paper. I will spread the word when you put up your giveaway :) Etsy shop is looking gooooooooood !! :)

Happy Crafter said...

Hi just poped by to say i have left you something on my blog :)
love all your work too
Val xxx