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Saturday, January 31, 2009

scrapbookers rejoice!

hi all, The romantic comedy "New in Town," in which Renée Zellweger plays a female executive who's transferred from the big city to small-town Minnesota, opens with a scrapbooking scene. yay! scrapbooking made it to the big screen:)----ok the first scene but hey that is progress! lol! ttys!


Jocelyn said...

Now how cool is that!!!!!! I wanted to see this movie, but it got such bad reviews that Hubby said wait till it comes out on DVD! I need one of my chickie friends to go see it with me!!!! Have a great Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Cool, how did you know that ?! LOL ..... i dont know if i even know what this movie is but still very cool that they are scrapbooking :) Are you sure its only the first scene ?

Charlene E. said...

That is very cool. On the tv show, Monk, on USA network. There was an episode that Monk meets a lady that starts a scrapbook for him. My husband just rolled his eyes at that. Wait until he hears about this movie, LOL!

(Found you from Facebook)