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Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mothers day all! and miss ya mom!

As another Mother’s Day rolls around I begin to feel the pain in my heart grow My heart is breaking without a sound As I remember how much I love you so It seems like only yesterday you were here And we would set and talk the day away You would tell me stories of yester year And I hung on every word you’d say I miss those moments so very much They made our bond even stronger Those memories always leave me touched No that I don’t have you any longer But as another Mother’s Day arrives I celebrate it in memory of you Because in me your spirit survives And that love comes shining through I will miss you until I breathe my last And my love for you will never fade It is for Mother’s Day future and past That such magical memories are made poem from- http://poemvidz.com/mothers-day-memories

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Colleen and Nora Anne said...

Nora Anne and I lost our Mom three years ago and it feels like yesterday. I still pick up the phone to call her and it hurts all over again. Mother's Day can be particularly tough. Hope you had some sunshine that day! Sending you happy thoughts ~Colleen