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Thursday, July 21, 2011

just wanted to share!---love this idea from crafts n things mag!!! oowwa! i am thinking golds and tans for fall too :)

Crafts 'n things newsletter projects
July 21, 2011
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Seashore Roses Wreath
Seashore Roses Wreath Soothing seaside shades – and some clever recycling – help you transform a simple foam wreath into this textural focal point for your summer home.

size: 12" diameter

• Dow STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam Wreath, 1"x2-1/2"x12"
• Blue/green patterned papers, 12"x12", three coordinating sheets
• Recycled book pages
• Sawtooth hanger and small nails

• Beading pins
• Adhesives: hot glue gun and glue sticks, large clear dots

Basic Supplies
paper trimmer, scissors, ruler, pencil

1 Cut a generous stack of 1/2"x4" strips from each patterned paper and old book pages.
2 Fold a strip of patterned paper in half to make a loop and, beginning at outside lower edge of wreath, pin free ends of loop to foam wreath.
3 Fold remaining strips in half, a handful at a time, and continue pinning bottom row of loops to wreath. Randomly alternate book page and patterned strips. Leave a small area of wreath exposed; roses will be added here later.
4 Pin on remaining rows of loops to cover wreath, cutting and folding additional loops as needed. Pin on each new row slightly above previous row so loops cover pins. Offset loop placement slightly so loops don't line up from row to row.
5 Cut a 1/4"-wide strip from one patterned paper and glue it around inside edge of wreath to hide pins from last loop row.
6 Tear pieces from book page to cover exposed area of wreath. Paper will serve to anchor roses.
7 Make 11 paper roses to accent wreath. For each paper rose, layer two or three book pages and draw a large, loose, 3"-diameter spiral shape on the top page. To achieve the two-tone look shown here, simply layer pages from different books. Cut out the spiral.
8 To create the rose shape, begin tightly rolling spiral from end toward curved center. Once spiral is completely rolled up, place it on work surface and allow shape to open slightly. When pleased with size and shape of rose, gently press coiled base onto a clear adhesive dot and press spiral end over adhesive.
9 Hot glue roses to open area of wreath in a cluster; let dry completely.
10 Hot glue ends of sawtooth hanger to top center back of wreath. Dip nails in glue and push into wreath. Let dry.

by Patty Schaffer for The Dow Chemical Co. (www.styrofoamcrafts.com)

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