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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Canvas project

Hi all, today i am stopping by to show you a project i did for my older brother. He loved a saying and asked me to do something to put on his office wall and he said i could make it any color or way i wanted for him. So i found a 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 foot blank canvas at walmart and decided to give it a try. Note- i have never painted a big canvas before so this was all new to me. 
I started by gessoing the whole canvas to give it some grab for the paint then for the colors i used my brothers screen saver as inspiration. I loved the flame colors on the black so i ran with that idea. I painted the canvas yellow,orange and red. Blending the colors together a bit( let dry) Next, i took out all my big stickers of different fonts and even cut a few on my cricut too. And stuck them down. ( note -use vinyl stickers if ya can they come off later easier or as my tombowpro friend  debbie gave me a great tip and reminded me the mono temporary adhesive works great for the letters too) then once i had all my letters/words down i painted black paint over top of the whole canvas. Let dry throughly.  Then peel the letter stickers up to reveal the colored paint underneath. Some paint did bleed under but i think it just adds character tothe canvas   and handmade look ( at least that is what i am telling myself.. Lol) i did touch up spots later on. And for the stickers that the adhesive stuck , i used my special adhesive eraser to help clean it up. Then lastly,  i bought some trim wood from home depot and cut pieces to make a frame around the 1/2 inch deep canvas. I used my awesome tombow extreme adhesive runner to run adhesive along the wood and stick to the canvas instead of hotglue and it worked awesome! Below are pics of my process:

My inspiration for colors: 

Finished canvas 

 Thanks for stopping by and happy creating!!! Jen t.