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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Diy a transparency ribbon

Hi all, i am stopping by to share a technique i used to make a diy transparent ribbon that was on my witch hat. Here is a picture tutorial: 
Pick out your favorite Moxxie patterned paper( i think this technique looks better with patterned paper)  cut a piece of packing tape and stick it down onto the pp and smooth it out to make sure it it stuck on well. Don't worry if you get wrinkles it just gives it texture. 

Then, cut the taped strip of paper you just made off the page still leaving the  tape on. So now you have a piece of patterned tape.. Now take it a run it under warm water to get the paper wet.. Yes wet. Start rubbing off the paper from the back of the tape.. I know it feels so wrong but as the paper peels off you will be left with tape with the pattern still attached and it transparent.  Pat dry and you are ready to use on a page or project. 
Pic below is after paper is rubbed off the back.. It is a patterned transparency now:) 
For my witch hat, i just tore my piece into smaller strips and used it like a ribbon around the top brim of the hat . Here is a pic of it finished below. 
Thanks for stopping by and happy creating!!!  jen t:) 


Joan said...

Cool technique!! Really love your witch's hat!!!

Lisa Mensing said...

You are so brilliant! Love it!

jen t. said...

thanks ladies!!!:)